Life is simple. You are where you are. The only moment you have is now, not the past nor the future. Smile often, be aware of your feelings, and have fun wherever you are, anywhere you are, with whoever you are.

Fresh Eyes

Today is not the same as yesterday. Today is new and fresh. Today you have a new clean slate to build upon new thoughts. New and better thoughts. Today’s experiences are better because they are fresh and new. Today’s ideas are like a freshly cut lettuce. Yesterday’s lettuce is good, but today’s lettuce is fresher, … More Fresh Eyes

A Quiet Friend

Silence gives, silence receives. There or here to you and me. Silence empowers, nothing rebukes, always allowing the power within you! Sit with it, Listen to it, Let it be your quiet friend. Contemplation invites it. Meditation receives it. Do not dismiss this quiet friend empowering you in many ways.

Meditation Works

Creative calling. I am on it. I am searching for more clarity. I am allowing my interaction to be more poignant with my inner being. My experimenting with my daily mediation practice has yielded and keeps yielding more focused outcomes and more moment to moment results. I am feeling more clarity and more freedom as … More Meditation Works


A word A view A feeling Converging in time Making the accesible space present. Perceiving life from a personal lens. Opening new portals. Connecting dimensions Through time, space. And this reality, All converging in the now.


I breathe and I exist. I feel and I think. I think and I imagine. I imagine and I live. I feel and I expect. I expect and I am calm. I am calm because I have faith. Doubtless is my stance. Freedom I receive. Choices I make. Certainty is inevitable. Step back and allow. … More Imagine